Usual Day

Today morning weather was not so hot as yesterday so I took morning walk around my neighborhood.. Today songs that accompany me was “Sam Smith – Writing’s On the Wall” and “Coldplay – Hymn For Weekend”, I kept played this song for 55 minutes.. Usually I took around 45-80 minutes of walking depend on my left foot condition.

Yes I’d problem with my left foot, I broke it after I fell from stairs at my ex-office.. It healed based on x-ray but sometimes it still swollen when I’m using it, rarely the pain is back for days and getting normal again.. 5 Months passed but the way I’m walking still weird as my mom and my aunty said, that’s why my mom insist me to walk every morning to repair the way I’m walking..

Honestly I’m not morning person but for the sake of my foot I must do it.. I’m using Runtastic app for keep my record, this record is for my note so I don’t overdo it or my left foot will big swollen at night and the fingers where the bone broke hurt when touched.. I read on internet that actually to full healed (no pain at all) it take longer time even the bone is already connected.. I hope my foot is fully healed sooner.. And I can run and jogging like before..

Enough blabbering my foot, today crochet project is Mr. Murasaki amigurumi from AmiguruMei, she’s really talented and I love her book “Hello Kitty Crochet” and can’t wait to make all of them..

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